History and Values ​​RELAIS DE PARIS®

In 1930 in Switzerland, a leader devised a very original sauce by mixing spices, herbs and other ingredients to the butter.
This sauce was an immediate success.

More than sixty years later, the reputation of the sauce is still intact and the concept has not changed. This formula ENTRECOTE, minced served with fries topped with SAUCE ORIGINALE RELAIS DE PARIS™ special and simple was a huge success and became over the years an institution.

Ease formula, its special taste and secret ingredients of the sauce were the ingredients of this success story.
This sauce has a taste memory that leaves the palate after eating a large and pleasant taste in the mouth, causing some customers to return several times a week to enjoy again this formula.

Today Sauce Original is still a closely guarded family secret. This recipe is the subject of much speculation but so far nobody has been able to approach the taste of formula.

"Often Copied but never equaled"




  • 1972 creation of the first restaurant, with a single formula product, salad, meat, sauce and fries, was an immediate success.
  • Michel LACROIX FORGUES registered the trademark « RELAIS DE PARIS®» and « SAUCE ORIGINALE RELAIS DE PARIS® »

Today RELAIS DE PARIS Group is present in 18 countries and wants to enter the Asian market.

Reasons for success

  • Originality of its formula restoration
  • Closely guarded secret recipe SAUCE ORIGINALE RELAIS DE PARIS™ secret
  • Generous service twice
  • Easy management of this formula,
  • A team of professionals who can send abroad the "French Touch" and the friendliness of the welcome to the French, with personal attention.
  • Decorated cozy and traditional French brasserie, Originalité de sa formule de restauration,


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