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RELAIS DE PARIS® is a simple catering concept based on a single-formula menu offer for the starter course: a walnut salad, which simplifies waiter service and a choice of main meals: sliced sirloin, duck breast, tuna steak or chicken fillet…

The success of the concept is down to the inimitable "SAUCE ORIGINALE RELAIS DE PARIS™" which is systematically served with all dishes and unlimited quantities of French fries.

Managing such a concept is easy and simple computer equipment is all that is needed to control the business concern and optimise profits.  Our aim being to serve customers quickly, maintain the sort of quality expected in a traditional restaurant and provide the pleasant setting of a Parisian brasserie and turnover high.

Our famous SAUCE ORIGINALE RELAIS DE PARIS™ is systematically served with all meat and fish dishes. a carefully kept secret.

Its inimitable taste is both spicy and mellow. Its recipe a skilful combination of 18 spices and 5 ingredients.

Specific restaurant decoration includes a combination of 1900 café-style furniture with mahogany-coloured floors, panelling,  red curtains and framed turn-of-the-century advertising posters…


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